Sleep Testing at Home

Do you get tired of long waiting times? Picture getting rid of your sleep apnea in 30 days. As sleep specialists, Toronto Sleep Center understands the importance of quality sleep for good health in general Our sleep apnea specialists are focused on providing timely, convenient, and effective healthcare services for you. Whether you are at the beginning of your voyage or already well aware of sleep treatments, we will see to it that an ultimate outcome is achieved!

What Sets Our Home Sleep Testing Apart

Millions of people are suffering from sleep disorders and proper diagnosis within a short time period is critical for your well-being. Our home sleep testing service provides a variety of advantages:

  • Time-Efficient Approach: At Toronto Sleep Center, we respect your time. In most cases, a Home Sleep Test can be received on the first consultation day thus eliminating needless visits.
  • Convenience Redefined: Avoid the hassles of uncomfortable and inconvenient overnight stays in a sleep clinic. With our at-home sleep test kit, one can perform the test in their own bed which promotes comfort as well.
  • Precision in Diagnosis: Making use of cutting-edge diagnostic technologies, we provide the most accurate results. This information allows our medical professionals to very clearly detect if there are any potential sleep disorders, which is treated in a targeted way.
  • Safety and Comfort: Our HSAT is non-invasive and developed with safety in mind. We can record your sleep patterns accurately because you are able to fall asleep naturally in the resting conditions of a familiar environment.

Cost-Effectiveness: Our home sleep testing provides a cost-effective option compared to the conventional type of in–lab studies. By being affordable, we make our services available to more patients and ensure quality treatment without financial burden.

How it Works

It’s Easy to Get Started


Toronto Sleep Center is available to provide the best care possible for your sleep-related issues. Our staff will carefully evaluate whether home sleep testing is suitable for your unique situation. Our collaboration with board-certified pulmonologists guarantees that you receive the quality care you need.


Most of the time, we will provide you with a home sleep testing device on the same day as your consultation, along with all the necessary tools and simple operating instructions. Overnight, the device will continue to collect data. Just bring the unit back to us after you have finished testing.


Our group of board-certified pulmonologists will carefully examine the information gathered, applying their knowledge to produce an extensive report detailing the results. You can learn a lot about your sleep habits and possible sleep disorders from this comprehensive report.

Caring for You

In the event that analysis reveals a sleep disorder, the Toronto Sleep Centre Team in Toronto, Canada, is committed to working closely with you and your sleep physician. The group will collaborate to create a customized treatment plan that will improve the quality of your sleep and support your general health and well-being. 

Free Risk Assessment

If you think you have symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea, take our quick screening, and a member of our team will get in touch with you to discuss the results.

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