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About Dr. Judy Sturm

Dr. Judy Sturm, consistently voted Toronto’s Best Dentist by Now Magazine readers and celebrated as the Best Mum by her family, excels in a field that extends beyond her renowned cosmetic dentistry to include Dental Sleep Apnea treatment. Her practice uniquely integrates dental expertise with sleep medicine, focusing on oral appliance therapy as a non-invasive solution for sleep apnea sufferers. Dr. Sturm’s exceptional ability to make patients feel at ease, coupled with her enthusiastic personality, enhances her treatment of sleep apnea, showcasing her holistic approach to dental health and well-being. Her commitment to improving patients’ lives—be it through transforming smiles or enhancing sleep quality—highlights why she’s revered in her professional field and cherished by her family.

Toronto Sleep Center
Sleep Apnea and TMJ Services

Meet Our Team

Our skilled staff at Dr. Judy Sturm in Toronto, Canada, is dedicated to helping you find your way to better health. We are available to support you every step of the way, whether you are seeking solutions for TMJ problems, snoring remedies, or sleep disturbances. Our goal is to improve your health by offering individualized care and support.

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Our Benefits

Toronto Sleep Center for a restful and peaceful sleep in Toronto, Canada

Elevated Daytime Vigilance

Enhanced Sleep Quality

Extended Lifespan

Heart Health

Enhanced Emotional State and Well-being

A Better Relationship

Better Overall Health

Body Weight Regulation

Why Choose Us?

At Judy Sturm & Associates, we provide a unique method of treating sleep apnea that includes customized plans made by our skilled staff. Our goal is to treat you with the most cutting-edge care possible, customized to your unique requirements. Our treatment approach places a high priority on the patient, making sure that your comfort and well-being are central to your time with us.

Sleep Quality Enhanced

Ease snoring symptoms of TMJ discomfort

Foster overall health and well-being

Provide the expertise and experience needed

Client Love

Delivering More Than Promises

CPAP Alternative Treatment

Reclaiming Serene Nights

Dr. Judy Sturm can assist you if you are prepared to put an end to the nights you can not sleep due to snoring and enhance your general health and well-being. Our team’s dedication lies in offering you personalized, efficient solutions that will guarantee a calm and relaxing night’s sleep.

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