Alternative to CPAP

CPAP VS. Oral Appliance Therapy

Let us put the CPAP machine against the dental orthotic, the two sleep apnea treatment titans! With their respective advantages and disadvantages, both are strong competitors.

CPAP Pros/Cons

Pros :


Dental Orthotic Pros/Cons

Pros :


Here we have it: a confrontation between the CPAP machine and the dental orthotic. Which option works best for you will depend on your lifestyle, personal preferences, and how severe your sleep apnea is. Make an appointment for a consultation with us right now to find out if oral appliance therapy is right for you!

CPAP not working?

Does CPAP need to be fixed?

It is not just you. Roughly 83% of CPAP users discontinue their use or use it inconsistently. Patients who are CPAP intolerant avoid using it.

We refer to this as CPAP failure or intolerance.

CPAP failure is often the result of circumstances outside your control:

Do you dislike flying with CPAP?

Travel Stress Factors

Traveling has its own set of stressors, whether it is for work or pleasure. It can get more difficult when you have to carry a CPAP machine around in order to treat your sleep apnea. We at Toronto Sleep Center are prepared to talk about CPAP substitutes that might be more suitable for your way of life since we recognize these difficulties.

CPAP Travel Challenges

The extra weight of a CPAP machine and the possible complications at security checkpoints make traveling with one difficult. Managing a CPAP machine while traveling can complicate matters further and make your trip more difficult.

Further Complications

After arriving at your destination, the CPAP humidifier requires deionized or distilled water. You must also make sure that a power source is easily accessible close to where you sleep. This also means that when traveling abroad, you should pack the appropriate adapter for various power outlets.

Reliability Issues

The dependability of electricity can be a problem in areas with bad weather or remote locations. This adds to your travel burden by making you wonder if you should bring an extra battery for your CPAP machine.

Higher Probability of Non-Compliance

The difficulties of taking a CPAP machine on the road could result in increased rates of non-compliance or inconsistent use of the equipment.

Portable Alternatives: Dental Orthotics

Oral appliances provide a lightweight and practical substitute. They do not have the same logistical issues as a CPAP machine, are lightweight, and do not need electricity. They are, therefore, the best choice for frequent travelers.

We cordially invite you to consider oral appliance therapy at Toronto Sleep Center if you are struggling with the issue of traveling with a CPAP machine. Our staff is prepared to assist you in locating a more portable sleep apnea treatment option.

See How Simple It Is!

It is a simple procedure. Every mouthpiece is manufactured specifically to fit you in a comfortable and ideal way. First, schedule a consultation so we can determine whether this is the best course of action for you. If it is not well,

First, for any coverage you might have, we will work with your insurer.

Second, a custom fit and manufacture will accompany your new oral appliance.

At last, you can easily sleep without a mask or hose—relax!