Oral Appliance for Better Sleep

CPAP-Free An Alternative Solution

CPAP-Free An Alternative Solution 

Imagine a tiny, customized gadget that fits into your mouth like a well-fitting puzzle piece. This understated but effective dental orthotic has the potential to improve your general health and sleep quality significantly! 

Orthotics therapy is a non-invasive and very successful treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) that we provide at Toronto Sleep Center. During sleep, an obstruction in the airway causes OSA, which results in the previously mentioned breathing pauses.

What is the principle of operation of this incredible mouthpiece? The strength lies within its simplicity. Toronto Sleep Center will have an expert dentist or sleep specialist exercise a custom dental orthotic tailored to your mouth contours instead of the generic one.

Inserted before sleep, this ingenious device serves two essential functions:

  • Airway Support: The dental orthotic maintains an open and clean airway by slightly moving your jaw forward so obstructions in the air passages do not interrupt episodes of sleep.
  • Snore Reduction: This device not only silences snoring but also considerably reduces it so that you can get better sleep for yourself and your partner.

This may prompt you to ask how this is different from the common CPAP machines. However, CPAP may only be comfortable for some. Oral Appliance Therapy is acknowledged for its privacy, portability, and the fact that it does not require electricity or noisy equipment. Just pop it into your mouth, and you will sleep through the night!

It is also important to mention that oral appliance therapy varies according to every individual. Your clinician at Toronto Sleep Center will track and adjust the device to your needs closely, ensuring a perfect fit.

Whether you are looking at potential treatments for a suspected case of sleep apnea or considering alternatives after diagnosis, oral appliance therapy may prove very effective in improving your state of slumber and general health.

This unique opportunity should be considered, so make sure you bring it up with your physician in the office of Toronto Sleep Center.

Get an incredibly small and powerful orthodontic device that provides comforting sleep!

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